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Pay in Cryptocurrencies soon in Paypal, Covid-19 travel guide airport added in Apple map, Youtube testing hiding dislike, perpule acquired by amazon

1.Paying with Cryptocurrencies will be soon available in Paypal

Cryptocurrencies are the very changing price in the market. To provide payment from this is a great deal to deal with it. But PayPal is more promoting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

It is rumored that PayPal will allow their customers in the US to pay with cryptocurrencies from Tuesday onwards. Here customers can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash similar to a debit card and credit card inside a PayPal wallet.

The other information like if there are Fees when making a payment for who uses Paypal, then customer’s cryptocurrencies will be converted into Fiat currencies are all unclear, and yet information is to be received.

2.Covid-19 Guide for travel of over 300 airports worldwide is added in Apple Maps

Maps are very important in the daily life of every individual. As apple is a more evolutionary approach to provide apple users to get information about the spread of covid-19 in airports.

Earlier Apple introduces in their map the location of covid-19 vaccination locations in the US. Which it could find out by searching in a map with text, Siri, etc.

iPhone, Mac,iPad device which has Apple map will have access to airports covid-19 health measures from the app itself or from link to the airport website.

Here the information which will be obtained from this is mask usage, Covid-19 testing, screening procedure, Quarantine procedures, and giving hope when traveling in this situation.

3.Hiding dislike counts on videos is tested by youtube

Youtube is a platform which is used by the creators for educational purpose and many more things. But some videos of creators when true also get more dislike than like. So youtube decided to test to remove the dislike button or modifying it another way. Here creator has the option to add or remove the dislike button here.

In today Youtube announced that it has started testing on hiding dislike count on videos from public view. Youtube first announced on Twitter then on community forum posts.

Youtube says that they heard from creators that they dislike in the video impacted their well being which in turn activated target campaign of dislikes on video.

But this Feature can also affect the YouTubers who are including false information and they are getting dislike. Youtube has not decided to remove dislike but only include from conducting test and if it is ok.

4.Perpule Indian retail startup acquires by Amazon

Perpule which is an Indian-based startup was acquired by Amazon on Tuesday for $14.7 million in an all-cash deal. and giving an additional $5 million to compensate Perpule employees.

Amazon by this acquiring will have many benefits in India. As people earlier have raised over$6.36million in which their main sources were by providing offline retailers by giving mobile payment devices which help in accepting digital payments. and providing a mini app store which is run by Phonepay, Google pay, Paytm.

Amazon spokesperson said that the perpule has provided an innovative cloud-based POS which helps in better management of inventory, overall customers experience, and checkout process in offline store in India.

In this amazon by acquiring purple helps growth opportunities for all sizes of business in India which helps increase customer satisfaction and experience.

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