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The assistant driving mode by Google, Mi TV EA 2022 Range launched, Threat to small app developer by Apple’s new privacy zeal, reconsider Instagram kids launch Child safety groups

1.Assistant driving mode is being rolling out by google

Google is starting to roll out new assistant driving mode in many countries including India. now with the help of Google Assistant, keeping your focus on the road. Your voice to send and receive calls and texts, quickly review new messages across your messaging apps in one place, and get a read-out of your texts so you don’t need to look down at your phone while driving is said by Google.

To use this feature begin navigating to a destination with Google Maps and tap on the pop up to get started, select “Transportation,” tap on “Driving mode” and turn it on go to set here in the google app.

Available for Android version 9.0 phones or higher version and phone should work fine with 4GB ram.

2.Mi TV EA 2022 Range launched in seven different sizes

Mi TV EA 2022 Range launched in seven different sizes offering a 178-degree viewing angle and a screen refresh rate of 60Hz. With several seven sizes 32-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch.

has a metal unibody design and LED-backlit display panel across all models, including two HMDI ports, two USB ports, one AV, one Ethernet, one S/ PDIF, and one ATV/ DTMB slot.TV sets, i.e., the Mi TV EA50 2022, the Mi TV EA55 2022, the Mi TV EA65 2022, and the Mi TV EA75 2022 feature 4K (3,840×2,160 pixels) displays.and The Mi TV EA40 2022 and the Mi TV EA43 2022, on the other hand, feature full-HD (1,920×1,080 pixel) displays ad The Mi TV EA32 2022 has an HD-ready (1,366×768 pixels) display.

Run-on MIUI for TV 3.0 OS and have a single-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity.4K models support far-field microphones for hands-free voice control.4K models come with two 10W DTS-HD speakers and Mi TV EA range HD and full-HD models feature two 8W DTS-HD speakers.

3.Threat to small app developers cause of Apple’s new privacy zeal

Apple’s new privacy zeal is a threat to the small developer here. An Apple will start asking users for permission to track their data across apps iOs update which is expected this month.

The tech giant is decimating a system that allowed studios like Tenko to find potential high spenders and sell targeted ads here with the majority expected to say no. Facebook Inc. has slammed Apple over the planned changes, smaller app developers will take the brunt of the hit.

4.For kids launch Child safety groups to Facebook to reconsider Instagram

Child safety groups ask Facebook to reconsider Instagram for the kids’ launch. A here nonprofit organization based in Boston, coordinated with 35 other organizations and 64 individual experts to send the letter by Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC). It talks about poke about younger children not being equipped to handle the pressures that arise as a result of being active on social media platforms.

CCFC claimed Instagram exploits youngsters’ fear as they constantly look for approval from others while uploading images. also, the platform’s continuous focus on appearance and self-presentation would be a challenge to adolescents’ privacy and wellbeing.

A group of child safety advocates from around the world are opposing Facebook’s plans to launch a version of Instagram for children. Also, Mark Zuckerberg received a letter from the Campaign signed by 99 groups and individuals, urging the social media giant to cancel its plans to launch a version of Instagram for kids.

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