Connecting countries by undersea cables Google and Facebook, Zerotrust to go passwordless, Twitter services down, Apple VR rumors

1.Connecting Indonesia, North America, and Singapore by Google, Facebook through Undersea Cables.

Facebook and Google are planning to increase the band of internet connections between Indonesia, North America, and Singapore by undersea cable with the help of telecommunication companies.

The main cable which will be used for this project is Bifrost and Echo 

Here Bifrost is partnered with Telin and is expecting to complete by 2024 for Singaporean conglomerate Keppel.

Echo which should be completed within 2023 is partnered with Indonesian telecommunications’ company XL Axiata and  Alphabet’s Google.

2.Zerotrust Helps startups to go passwordless

Password has always been tricky sometimes to remember and usually, we gradually forgot the password and get to the project forgot password.

But now onwards it’s not necessary to get into passwords rather. Zero trust does not search where you are but who you are.

The methods we can join this is by biometric authentication, social media authentication, Grid authentication card, push notification, Digital certificate.

Here Zerotrust continuously monitors your network from malicious activity and from viruses.

Big companies like Google are providing zero trust technology.

3.For some users Twitter services are Down-Downdetector

According to Downdetector.com which is a monitoring website reported that on Monday 15000 Twitter accounts were no able to access the social media platform.

A Reuters requests for comment twitter didn’t respond immediately

4.Rumors on Apple VR headset

Apple has been a great company for mobile phone,laptop and other technology.So apple for sometime apple is preparing its VR headset.

Here from rumors Apple is planning to make the VR geadset al ight wieght productwhich uses plastic more instead of glass.Its likely to planning in including  hybrid Fresnel lens for increasing the  optical performance na d broad field of view and under 150 grams wieght.

It may come with eye-tracking technology, cameras to tack hand movement,8k display. And sometimes with a micro OLED display. The price could be around$3000.

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