macbook ipad chip shortage

MacBook,iPad production likely affect due chip shortage, car mode added amazon music, Twitch new policy on harassment, Snapdragon 870 expected with 3 Xiaomi phone

1.MacBook and iPad production affected due to global chip shortage says on the report MacBook and iPad production may have affected due to global shortage are said in the report on Nikkei. As the world is facing a very high shortage of chips and also the decrease in the supply of graphic cards which leads […]

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Brazil fines Apple, Mi Mix liquid lens, Byjus plans raise fund, New android spyware

1.Brazil Fines $2 Million For Apple For Not Including Chargers In iPhone 12 Apple was fined by Procon-SPm Brazil’s consumer protection agency to the California company on Friday of 2$ Million. Here the main problem is not only chargers but misleading advertisement and unfair warrant terms Here the consumer in Brazil are not happy with […]

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Xiaomi presents ‘Smart Upgrade’ Scheme for Redmi, Mi phones starting at Rs 399

This new ‘Smart Upgrade’ will be available as an add-on whilst shopping a brand new Redmi or Mi phone in India. Customers might be able to get 70% of assured buyback fee in the event that they sell the telephone within four to six months; 60% inside 7 to nine months; 50% within 10 to twelve months; and forty% inside 13 to fifteen months. There are manifestly a few terms and conditions to clients being able to get the promised buyback price. number one amongst those phrases is that the telephones shouldn’t be damaged. There are consequences too if the charger or the box is lacking. Clients will be capable of buy the scheme as an add-on even as buying the cellphone. The scheme offers assured buyback between 3 to 15 months of […]

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