YONO Super Saving Days, Google new feature, Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform, Acrobat Web, Tesla vehicle

1.A ‘YONO Super Saving Days’ carnival launched by SBI

YONO Super Saving Days’ has been launched by the Country’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) starting on February 4.The ending the super deals on the 7th in which in between super saving, discount and cashback will be available to avail.

1: YONO has partnered with top merchants including Amazon, OYO, Pepperfry, Samsung, and Yatra to fulfill customers’ shopping delight.

2: customers can avail of up to 50% off on hotel booking with OYO

3:10% discount on flight booking with

4:15% discount on Samsung mobiles, tablets, and watches with other benefits also

4: YONO users will get an extra 7% off on buying furniture from Pepperfry and up to 20% cashback on shopping in select categories on Amazon.

2.Google new feature rolling today “gives you more information about the sites in your search results”

google new feature is a lot of good fun and secure things rolling today. It will provide users to by giving a new menu option in which users can get information about the site without entering the site it pops up like menu information will be given by sources like Wikipedia and other useful things to know

These are very important features in which users get the information and sources and understand where to enter the site and not enter these site Hence it is very good features and users will get the feature really soon to their mobile phone desktop, Android Google app. search results in English in the U.S. on mobile, desktop and its Android Google app.

3.Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform is now in public preview

Microsoft Azure has told that its Azure Quantum which is a cloud-based platform for using quantum hardware and software tools is in the public review and has well-known partners like Honeywell Quantum Solutions, IonQ, 1QBit, and others.

Anyone who is interested in quantum computing can experiment with the service. The service offers a small free allowance to get started After that, using it could get pricey pretty quickly. Trying out the basics $10 per compute hour.

4.Acrobat Web, adds PDF text and image editing by adobe

Earlier the adobe flagship desktop app was Acrobat with the main feature like editing PDFs etc. In recent years the adobe has launched acrobat on the web but hasn’t been successful as famous like an acrobat in the desktop app and lacking the facility like editing text and images in PDFs, Now abode with changing mentality has added these many features to its web online platform to attract more customers.

This enables the users to group projects etc and because of the internet web era all tend to use web rather than desktop expand which is easy to use

With today’s launch features browser-based features: protecting PDFs, splitting them into two, and merging multiple PDFs.

5.With touchscreen failing in tesla vehicle tesla decide to recall 135000 vehicles

Here mainly the Model S and Model X models to recall at high to its date. here the main problem is arisen due to the touchscreen. Mainly Model S sedans built between 2012 and 2018 and Model X cars built between 2016 and 2018.

Especially the main problem is that the touchscreen fails when the memory chips run out of storage capacity which in turn causes many failures which concludes affecting turn signals, defrosters, and a rearview camera. which in turn affects the self-driving Autopilot functionality. which is all reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA)

But the main problem arose due to the memory chip of defective car memory chip wears out and the only option is a replacement. Tesla is calling back the models to test the issue also.

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