yahoo answers shut down

Yahoo answers shut down, clubhouse allows creator to earn, realme new smartphone quality certificate, Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro Samsung collaborate Adidas

1.Shutting down of Yahoo answers

Yahoo answers shut down from May 4 but were first launched in 2005 and provided funny memes and internet comedy. Yahoo has said that I will be shutting down their yahoo answers on May 4, 2021 and on May 20, 2021, it will become read-only mode. but others services will not be affected and remain the same.

Yahoo has decided to give a read-only version between April 20 and May 4 and then it will shut down completely the yahoo answers. Before the shutdown of yahoo answers, the users will able to get their yahoo answers from this link.

As yahoo was the main part of the product of yahoo as time is gone it became less popular and the member has also diverted here. So yahoo decided to change its focus from yahoo answers to other products.

2.Earn money by creators for contents allowing by Clubhouse

The clubhouse is only available in the apple store and invite-only audio chat which makes creators explore deeply. As clubhouse is not available in Android it’s a downside.

It has said that it will be a partner with stripe for the first time by offering direct payment to creators in the app itself. said in a blog post. It will create creators encouraging by getting payment also by giving money clubhouse will not take their money but some card processing fees would be charged.

3.New smartphone quality set by Realme here’s what?

First smartphone brand in the world to get the  TUV Rheinland High-Reliability certification. Realme C25 and Realme C21 are the certification holder’s first 2 phones.

Realme has announced a new set of smartphone quality standards for their young users on Tuesday that they have renowned TUV Rheinland which is a German certification agency. Also, their certificate will be given from affordable phones to flagship phones.

With this new certificate, the company will test their smartphones and do quality checks in this  TUV Rheinland smartphone High-Reliability Certification includes super extreme temperature, wear and tear, seven extreme environment test scenarios, voltage fluctuation, and many more which is included up to 23 major tests.

4.Special Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro comes with Samsung collaborate with Adidas

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack is a product is been collaborated between company also with a motive for eco-friendly and go green. And also the pair is set in white and green colors.

Samsung has said that it has designed this product especially for MZ generations who are very interested in sustainable products. When you will be open the special package it comes with a coupon to buy pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

 7th April, 7:30 PM on local time in South Korea Samsung will provide the special package Special Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro for about $248.Also can check the availability on the Samsung site and Kakao.

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