y-combinator backed vue

Y Combinator-backed Vue, Slack with Clubhouse, computer reinventing cities, launching soon Amazfit T-Rex Pro

1.Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront

The y combinator is helping in the funding of Vue. A term that is tossed much time is Headless Commerce. But this is thought in a different form by Vue Storefront CEO.

This means the headless commerce company aims more at the back-end instead of giving importance to the front end But Vue gives a lot of preference to the Front end.

The company describes itself as “the lightning-fast front-end platform for headless commerce. The company was included in the latest accelerator Y combinator also raised $1.5Million in seed funding led by SMOK Ventures and Movens VC.

2.Slack trying to develop more than a text-based platform

Slack has always been a good platform for developers as it provides many services for everybody who works from home. It is now planning and developing new features like clubhouse and video-making platform so the company head can share their messages correctly.

Its new services will not be for competing with Zoom and Meet But it’s like Instagram Stories. Slack is making by chatting by voice. This is like including clubhouse in slack.

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3.Plan to reinvent cities move by the computer vision software

In more countries all online Site delivers lot of product like in new york city 1.5 mllion packages are delivered from online platform in 2019 octobar only.

So because of these large delivering helps customers happy but negatively impact city which is pollution, traffic jams.

For this solution are made by companies to park the vehicle correctly by compterised software and survevilance system so this helps the people save a lot of time and thier money.

4.Launching Soon 5 military-grade certifications with Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a watch that is a very affordable Military Certified Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch. Passed 15 regulations of military standard (MIL-STD-810). Amazing features are there like:

Its has 1.3 inch amoled display(360×360) and with 3d corning gorilla glass,can last upto 18 days in single charge with 390 mAh battery,also comes with health, fitness featureslike monitor sleep,hert beat and many more.

A special advantage is it can withstand the temperature of 70C heat to -40 cold along with 240Hrs of humidity, 96 Hrs of Salt spray, shock resistance.

See more Information on Amazon

See also: https://www.techtraverse.com/clubhouse-app-for-android-discord-to-be-acquired-by-microsoft-120

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