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Coming Launch of Mi FlipBuds Pro, Before sharing facebook confirming article reading, Buy A Tesla With DOGE opinion Elon musk tweets, Google Assistant Trigger may be added by Google in Android Phones

1.Coming Launch of Mi FlipBuds Pro

Here the new Mi FlipBuds Pro is going to be launched on May 13. Here so the things are Weibo through its Xiaomi Smart Life account to share the name of its new TWS earbuds to be called FlipBuds Pro along with an image of its charging case that has an indicator light on it.

So the here TWS earbuds will launch in China on May 13 and, as of now, it is unclear if they will be released in international markets as well. The Mi FlipBuds Pro will have a stem-shaped design and come with an active noise reduction of 40dB. The earbuds in the images shared on Weibo have a black finish with a matching charging case. The Xiaomi logo can be seen on the back of the case as well. That’s about all the information on the Mi FlipBuds Pro revealed by the teasers.

2.Before sharing facebook confirming article reading

Here the Facebook through some steps helps in the identification of the Before sharing facebook confirming article reading.So here they have told will start testing a new feature that will nudge users to actually read an article before they share it. If you try to share a news article link that you haven’t opened, Facebook will show a prompt encouraging you to open it and read it and this news was on a Monday.

3.Buy A Tesla With DOGE opinion Elon musk tweets

Here the main thing which is talked about now is the Elon musk tweet about dogecoin on Twitter. Here the Buy A Tesla With DOGE opinion Elon musk tweeted

So here comes that Tesla is already accepting Bitcoin as payment, and DOGE isn’t fundamentally very different from Bitcoin though it is worth noting that Bitcoin is far more ubiquitous on exchanges than DOGE coin.

4.Google Assistant Trigger may be added by Google in Android Phones

Here the matter here is that the Google Assistant Trigger may be added by Google in Android Phones here. So it is not yet official now also in the code within the latest version of the Google app version number and noticed a few interesting bits of information.So here Google will now let you trigger the assistant with the longer press of the power button.

Now through reports of  XDA report notes that on phones running Android 11 or below, the new setting will show up under ‘Apps and Notification’ settings and for phones running Android 12, it will be accessible from the Apps section in the settings menu..

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