Not anything grabs eyeballs just like the phrase unfastened does. Netflix knows this and it is planning to do something for the Indian marketplace that it is by no means performed anywhere earlier than. Netflix is opening its gates for the December 5-6 weekend and could permit all customers enjoy its content material without spending a dime. yes, you examine that right.

The Netflix StreamFest – what Netflix calls this weekend-simplest event – is an attempt at grabbing extra eyeballs within the Indian marketplace and letting users experience all that the streaming platform has to provide.

Whilst Netflix has made attempts to make itself more available to the Indian marketplace – by using launching more inexpensive cell-most effective plans which aren’t found in markets just like the US, or the United Kingdom – this tops off all their previous efforts.

The occasion starts in the dead of night (12:01 AM) on December five and could closing until eleven:fifty nine PM on December 6. In this period, customers may be able to enjoy the whole lot that Netflix has to offer – proper from all its functions together with clever downloads to all its movies, series and documentaries.

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